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I'm beginning to think that is somewhat overkill for my use case - very tempted to revert to just using and then POSSE that to

Chris Aldrich's Threaded Replies and Comments with Webmentions in WordPress

Khürt Williams's IndieWeb on WordPress

Interesting read, Jeremy.

Just on the plumbing side of things I'm currently thinking how I want a more comprehensive main page for myself (currently trying out a WordPress instance), whilst having my Known posts show up on the same page. That way I won't have two completely separate streams. I don't have the plumbing skills to do the manual stuff you have, but it's interesting that those of us on the journey are wrestling with similar principles.

Obviously one size will never fit all (or we may as well go back to silos!) but it's certainly useful to see the different sizes on offer!

Hi @ReclaimHosting I've installed a test instance and notice it's installed under /home/<me> rather than /home/<me>/public_html - anything to worry about or is that fine? Thanks.

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