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I'm beginning to think that is somewhat overkill for my use case - very tempted to revert to just using and then POSSE that to

Planned partially off-road rides to bag 5 new @VeloViewer squares yesterday and 3 more today, which has taken my max squares up from 8x8 to 11x11. Square chasing is slightly addictive ;)

Added a new bike park photo at Oaklands Retail Park, Stevenage to @cyclestreets - also added it to -

Just finished migrating my mail, calendar and contacts over to @FastMail All working well (touch wood!) and via and syncing nicely with my Android phone :)

I loved the board game as a boy - great fun when the ball went down the chimney and rolled down the stairs :)

Hi @ReclaimHosting I've installed a test instance and notice it's installed under /home/<me> rather than /home/<me>/public_html - anything to worry about or is that fine? Thanks.

Pleased with my new @seesense_cc ICON lights, but I wish they came with the latest firmware installed. Took me 6 phone reboots to update!

Hi, I'm just joined (having been over on for a few months), and intend this to be my main Mastodon instance. I'm keen on the movement and co-operative principles (my first job leaving school was working for a co-op!). When I saw that like-minded people were already over here I decided to take the plunge myself, so here I am :)

I've written a short blog post with my musings about the from an end-user perspective

Finished upgrading my hosted to @nextclouders instead - looking good so far :)

Added photo of a very remote bike park near to @osmuk & @cyclestreets

From Strava looks like I passed the @Letchworth_LALG group twice in Stevenage earlier - looked like a fun ride :)

Just installed the Mastodon plugin for by @nxd4n - if you can see this test post on Mastodon it has worked!

WTF - war with Spain? Wonder if "will of the people" twaddle will be trotted out to support this previously unstated aspect of Brexit too?!

Enjoyed "It's Not The Camera" talk by @wiggys at @ukphotoshow today. Really made me think about why I take photos.

Spotted a missing cycle crossing of A505 near Letchworth Gate. I've now added it to @openstreetmap @osmuk :)

Absolutely agree with this post by that @reclaimhosting customer service is insane (i.e. good!)

Another great post about from @jimgroom at my hosting co @reclaimhosting Is it wrong to admit I quite liked the Devo 2.0 album, Jim?!

Just watched DVD by the incomparable @ClaudiaBrucken1 - don't think I've ever enjoyed a live show as much as this!

Spending a pleasant afternoon improving the public footpath mapping of Letchworth on

Should someone tell @humphreygoodman that his @deathinparadise girlfriend is really 's wife from ?!

In which I learn that my hosting provider @ReclaimHosting are also big fans so fellow :)

My journey continues: migrated my Google Contacts to - sync to my phone via @davdroidapp :)

People (including me!) thought I was mad buying in 2014. Price now approaching all-time high and I'm up 40% on my initial outlay :)

I'm a long-time user of by @2BrightSparks - now using to automate my portable devices backups too. Cool beans!