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Wish I remembered to use @withknown to POSSE my tweets , and goodness knows how to PESOS them when I don't!

Got my @withknown hosted on @ReclaimHosting upreved to v0.9.0.4, signed up for and now I can again :)

Replied to a post on :

@BenWerd Interesting read. As an end-user I try to resist the "something for nothing" mentality. If a service is of value to me I am happy to pay for it, as indeed I do for @withknown , especially as I support the and movements. If people like you and Erin don't succeed, all we are left with will be the big business guys. Keep up the great work :)

Just finished migrating all of my bookmarked articles from the silo of into my own @withknown site

Removed all of my photos from - another small step to owning my data. Flickr may be more problematical!

Thinking about using @Known to store bookmarks, rather than in proprietary browsers. Hope it doesn't get too unwieldy!

Testing MobilePub as mentioned by @kevinmarks on

Q: if I want @withknown and @ownclouders hosted on the same site, would I need something like @IndieHosters ?

My a/c is due for renewal. Considering alternatives. E.g. is anything available for @withknown ?

Yay got my @withknown account today. Was incredibly easy to map it to my custom domain.

Another step towards controlling my own data on the ; re-licenced my photos on to be

Yeah, it's quite ironic that a silo is (currently) the best place to find stuff tagged with !

Really enjoyed this inspiratonal talk by @caseorganic about the Rise Of The

Thanks for last week's , Leo. The conversation with Kevin, Ben and Erin of @withknown was really interesting and inspiring.

Well I now have an experimental @withknown site. No idea what I might do with it, other than aggregrate my posts. From small acorns...?!