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Finished upgrading my hosted to @nextclouders instead - looking good so far :)

My journey continues: migrated my Google Contacts to - sync to my phone via @davdroidapp :)

Impressed with @Cryptomator but for me it's not ready to replace my @boxcryptor until it has auto-start & auto-decrypt options

Congratulations, I look forward to reading your new blog :)

Just finished migrating all of my bookmarked articles from the silo of into my own @withknown site

Removed all of my photos from - another small step to owning my data. Flickr may be more problematical!

Incredibly frustrating getting @owncloud to work properly on my NAS. Think I will have to own my data some other way

My a/c is due for renewal. Considering alternatives. E.g. is anything available for @withknown ?

Another step towards controlling my own data on the ; re-licenced my photos on to be