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I'm a big user of Jeffrey Friedl's Lightroom plugins, but even happier to know he's an @openstreetmap fan and editor

The @BroadwayLGC cinema in @LoveLetchworth was an answer on tonight's Pointless - worth 1 point :)

Thoroughly enjoyed the current @on_landscape - for me the best issue yet, inspirational and amazing photographers!

Been so looking forward to The Altreian Enigma by @RhoAgenda - couldn't put it down when it arrived on my Kindle. No spoilers - just wow!

Wish I remembered to use @withknown to POSSE my tweets , and goodness knows how to PESOS them when I don't!

Impressed with @Cryptomator but for me it's not ready to replace my @boxcryptor until it has auto-start & auto-decrypt options

.@SaveOurBuses_UK 10 yrs ago I was in Porlock Weir - bus every 30 mins to Minehead, last weekend I was there again & bus only every 2 hrs :(

Gotta say I am impressed by the XTrans for Lightroom ebook and presets from @fxgeek A bargain at just €4 - now I can have Velvia from RAW!

Farewell : sneaky update putting ads on lockscreen without notice = instant uninstall. Trying instead

Added @LEEFilters filters to my @Fujifilm_UK X-T1 on my recent trip to Scotland. Pleased with the pairing!

I'm now the proud owner of an F-Stop Gear Lotus photographer's backpack :)

Just back from the amazing Isle of Harris. So pleased with how my @Fujifilm_UK X-T1 performed @weshootfuji

Got my @withknown hosted on @ReclaimHosting upreved to v0.9.0.4, signed up for and now I can again :)

Wonder if I cld install @uboslinux on my QNAP NAS using so I can selfhost ? Anyone know pls?

Caption in @RAIL issue 791 p24: "Modified Eurostar stands at Harwich International". VERY modified by the look of it ;) @Clinnick1

Congratulations, I look forward to reading your new blog :)

I couldn't get Owncloud to work on my NAS but on my to-do list is trying it hosted via something like IndieHosters

Welcome, Peter. As a Known end-user, it's great to see IndieHosters growing.

Every week I tell myself that can't be any worse than last week. Every week I am wrong!

My arrived today, signed by @SteveC himself - might be worth millions one day :)

Anti-adblock banners can work! I'm the newest Guardian member !

Reminder from my @rememberthemilk app to isolate my outside tap (faucet) for the winter. Frozen / burst pipes avoided for another year :)

Really pleased to have found the CD of On The Rise by @BattlefieldBand Bought it on tape in Inverness in 1990, and loved it ever since!

Every episode these days seems to be tunnel / door / closed room / jeopardy / more tunnels / more rooms. Repeat for 45 minutes!

smug (smʌɡ), adjective: the feeling you get when checking your @ProtonMail knowing you're putting one over on the bad guys :)