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I'm beginning to think that is somewhat overkill for my use case - very tempted to revert to just using and then POSSE that to

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Planned partially off-road rides to bag 5 new @VeloViewer squares yesterday and 3 more today, which has taken my max squares up from 8x8 to 11x11. Square chasing is slightly addictive ;)

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Dear IndieWeb, it may be time to start considering the user, not just the technical spec

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Thanks, Chris. I've made the edits and it's showing up as a child of the correct parent. I thought the original 2016 parent would be superfluous now so then deleted it, but it broke the site so I restored it.
Also good link to the magazine article - helped me understand what's going on with child themes.

Noob question time! I have installed the 2016 indieweb fork and the 2016 child theme, and activated the latter. But I notice from my themes page that the default 2016 theme is also installed. How can I tell which parent theme the child theme is using, so I can be sure it's using the indieweb one?

@ChrisAldrich @raretrack Thanks Chris, this looks exactly what I need to know. Will have a thorough read.

@ChrisAldrich Hmm, this looks good. I've been getting confused between formats and kinds. Think I'll download it and give it a whirl!

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Watching this with great interest, as would love to have a decentralised way of tracking book reading.

@TrainerRoad Hi, please could I ask if you support the new @wattbike Atom yet, or have plans to do so? Thanks.

@TrainingPeaks Hi, pricing query please. 1 training plan is $40 and an annual sub is $119 annual. Are your plans free with the sub or extra?

Added a new bike park photo at Oaklands Retail Park, Stevenage to @cyclestreets - also added it to -

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I was thinking of longer-form posts to WP when I asked the question.
Mac seems to better served than Windows for this sort of thing (as it is for most things creative!). There's a few Windows ones but they don't seem to be as well supported, e.g. BlogDesk which hasn't been updated since 2009.
Have just found a WP plugin called DocxPresso, so I might try that with LibreOffice Writer. I'm familiar with Writer so that's worth a try.

Hmm, my check reveals the same too (mostly not working). I've also noticed that your profile field is a little different to mine, e.g. yours wants a Facebook URL, mine just a Facebook ID. Curious!

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"naturally one shouldn’t compose in their CMS" - this has made me think, Chris, as I've never thought about composing elsewhere than my CMS. Where typically would you do this? Presumably you then paste the content into the CMS before posting, but how do you make sure the markup is compatible with the CMS? (Noob questions, I know!)

I don't know much about Macs, Jeremy, but do know that Apple supports the CardDav protocol, so it should be possible?